Our story 
2018 marks an entire decade since the launch of mini mioche.  
Since the very beginning, we decided we would do things differently from most children's apparel brands. We figured if you can make things ethically, locally and in a sustainable way, why not try and do that?  
Today, we still make all of our clothing from start to finish in Toronto.
In honour of our 10 year anniversary, we decided to make a video.  We visited our local knitting mill, where all of our organic and sustainable fabrics are knit exclusively for us. We filmed at our dye house, where the fabrics are dyed using non-toxic, low-impact, re-usable dyes and we filmed at our local factories, where all of our clothing is cut, sewn and finished.  
We hope you enjoy and get a little more insight into who we are, 
how we do things and what we stand for as a company.